Riot Games Concluded Valorant’s Launch Date, Vanguard Auto-Bans Incoming

It appears that we have finally received an update regarding Riot Games’ first-person shooter, Valorant. Valorant has been in closed beta for a couple of months now, available of obtaining only by Twitch drops. Watching other Streamers for having a chance to get included in the beta was kind of tiring, and now fans won’t have to deal with that any longer. Valorant is prepared to launch on June 2.

By having Valorant ready to launch, multiple other strings are pulled. Such as, whether or not the developer is prepared to dive into deep waters and battle against the cheaters, also known as the main culprit for negative gameplay experience. Not only abusers fall in that catalog, but also those with inappropriate behavior whose words are found irritating on the battlefield.

So far, we’ve seen multiple cheaters in our games in different matches, in which a single of them was terminated. This further means that the anti-cheat hasn’t done its work correctly, and left them to experiment during the closed beta. Will this be an issue in the live version of the game? Time will tell.

According to Riot Games’ statement, Riot Games is ready for launch. Especially the Vanguard anti-cheat, which is prepared to rely on its data and perform auto-bans:

If you’ve been following along, you probably heard our announcement that VALORANT is launching to most of the world* on June 2 (yes that also includes you OCE!). That’s in a few weeks (we also said that)!

Now the real question: has Vanguard been effective at tracking and deterring cheaters? Well… yes to the first, and not yet to the second. With VALORANT being the grand unveiling of Vanguard, we’ve gotten a lot of inputs that help us understand what cheats – and forms of cheating – we can effectively deter with the platform. But during closed beta we’ve held off on deploying the second half of our tech, our auto-banning systems, because we needed this time to understand what to action on, especially when it comes to hardware bans. This will be different at launch.

Are you excited about the potential of the fair gameplay?

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