Vectorlord Is Now Available on Steam

NeverQuake Software is releasing Vectorlord on Steam today. Vectorlord is an arcade shooter with intense and challenging mechanics, showcased in a DOS-era aesthetic. Back in the days, Wolfenstein 3D was one of my favorites, and Vectorlord,  due to its look, reminds me of it.

Vectorlord is already available on Steam, with a price of $9.99, including a 10% launch discount. To see how exactly the game looks, check out the trailer below:

As the developers want to describe it:

Vectorlord may have the body and soul of a DOS-era classic, but it has the mind of a cutting-edge modern shooter. Players will have to master more abilities than you can cram onto a floppy disk, including warping, melee attacks, ‘swimming’ through the void between platforms and juggling weapon power-ups and combining them into even deadlier equipment on the fly. It’ll take mastery of every ability to stand a chance at clearing all 20+ levels of the Infectophage Tower.

Vectorlord’s features are prolonging, but they exciting for what they stand for. Some of the best features the game offers can be found below:

  • Classic ’90s DOS aesthetics meets modern shooter in a world of neon excess.
  • Combine any two-weapon power-ups into an even deadlier bullet-spraying hybrid.
  • Ascend the deadly Infectophage tower before it destroys the Vectorlord’s world.
  • Replay past levels to gather resources, but beware – enemies grow stronger each time.
  • Shoot, teleport, kick and master a variety of significant tide-turning consumable items.
  • Not just for the hardcore. Difficulty levels tuned for casual players and arcade gods alike.
  • Old-school chaos designed with accessibility in mind – tone down the neon if you need it.
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