Borderlands 3’s Guardian Takedown Event is Coming Tomorrow

Borderlands 3, Gearbox’s action RPG phenomenon, is due to receive a new update. That update is scheduled to launch a brand new event, but also include a lot more content. The Guardian Takedown Event is expected to arrive tomorrow, which is Thursday, 11th of June. Alongside the event, the Mayhem Update is also supposed to scatter through, in which further game tweaks will take place.

Without classified details, the Mayhem 2.0 update is supposed to tune a lot of weapons but also scale the health of NPCs according to the player’s level. A suspicious difficulty that somewhat required an overhaul to some mechanics, so Gearbox was probably pushed to find a balance between experience and fun.

As we said, the update has been confirmed for tomorrow, thanks to a recent reply by the official Borderlands 3 account.

Further details remain shrouded due to the upcoming IGN event, as Gearbox is expected to unveil some of the surprises scheduled for tomorrow. For more, we’ll have to wait until the official release tomorrow.

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