Escape From Tarkov Adds New Hideout Crafts To Help Players Tackle Quests Easier

Escape From Tarkov is looking for easier ways to help players to complete tasks given by in-game vendors. These duties accommodate different objectives, to eliminate players, collect dog tags, but there is also a collectible mission, which requires players to gather various items. Now, if you’re a new Escape From Tarkov player, you probably do not know how the Hideout has an impact on those, and quite possibly, you find the Lavatory as a funny creation.

The funny part is, the Hideout allows players to create some items, who, upon their establishment, are classified as found-in-raid. Once they’re assigned as such, players may turn them to quest givers, which is another reason why Hideout progression is significant. According to a recent tweet made by Battlestate Games, new items have become available for crafting in different Hideout zones that will help players satisfy their necessities.

The new items eligible for crafting can be found in the Lavatory, Medstation, Workbench, and Intelligence Center. Those are as follows:

  • Lavatory: Bandage, Module 3M armor, Tarzan M22 vest, 60-round 6L31 magazine, Scav backpack
  • Medstation: Morphine
  • Workbench: 5.56×45 M856A1 ammo
  • Int Center: Virtex processor, COFDM wireless transmitter, VPX storage drive

This should help players get along with their quests easier, especially with the ones added in the Intelligence Center. Two Virtex processors and one COFDM wireless transmitter are needed for Lend-Lease part 2, a quest given by Peacekeeper available at level 30. In contrast, the VPX storage drive is necessary for a quest called Import, available at level 35, provided by Mechanic. The VPX Storage drive is also mandatory for the upgrade of the Intelligence Center to Level 3.

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