Firefly Jar is Now Available in Fortnite – Bring Fire To Your Enemies

Have you ever thought of bringing fire to your worst enemies in Fortnite? Have you ever tried to depict a Molotov cocktail and use it, such as in other video games? Well, it seems that Molotov Cocktails are now available in Fortnite, thanks to Fireflies that can be found across the Fortnite island.

Firefly Jar, a jar that serves to imprison the fireflies, may be used to create a ring of fire on impact. It burns whatever it collides with, even trees in Fortnite. The first look of the Firefly Jar was posted by FortTory, which has also claimed that the Firefly Jar is now available in Fortnite.

Below you can see the item in action:

Let’s talk about how would this change the late game in Fortnite? What if this item reaches the competitive scene and has the opportunity to tear down wooden objects or buildings made out of wood? The Firefly Jar could be the most potent weapon in the hands of an aggressor and could prove devastating for any defender who feels safe in his 1 by 1.

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