Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 End Date Revealed, the “Old Fortnite” Returns?

Have you all missed the old Fortnite? The one where Seasons lasted for a shorter time with content shuffled more frequently? Well, it may be coming back! Again, data miners have allegedly found the end date for Fortnite’s Season 3, which specifies a lifetime of 70 days.

Compared to the previous seasons and delays shrouding each one of them, the new end date for Chapter 2 – Season 3 bounds to change that. OG Fortnite is most definitely coming back, only if the end date overlaps with what data miners discovered today.

According to @Hypex, Fortnite’s Chapter 2 – Season 3 is scheduled to end on August 27.

While this may or may not be accurate, true fans are already excited about it. In Season 3, some zones on the island are underwater. As the season progresses through, the water levels are estimated to dip, surfacing new landmarks and POIs across the map. That could be one indicator of how long the season would last, but we still cannot determine the ratio and compare it to the given end date due to being exceptionally early in the season.

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Angel Kicevski

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