Pokemon Go Elite Challenges and new PvP Cup

Go Battle League Season 2 has returned to Pokemon GO. It is obvious that the Trainers are thrilled to go back to the battle scene and perfect their skills for better results. The Leaderboard will not make its return to the game, but that will not stop the fun. To step that up, it looks like Niantic wants to implement a new kind of PvP challenge, according to the latest datamine.

In the datamine, there are references to a certain Premier Cup. We do not know yet what is this about, but there are some major hints dropped in the code. The codes show that it will be linked PvP tournaments that limit roster eligibility based on the timing of when Pokemon were caught by the trainer.

This is quite interesting to see it. Try to imagine it, Niantic hosting some kind of an event where there will be some unique spawns and bonuses, followed by a PvP tournament which will have a limit of how many Pokemon are caught during that event.

High attendance is guaranteed and it is a nice thing to keep players busy in this situation.

In addition, the world’s best dataminers discovered a text hinting at a Go Fest Special Research and Go Fest Elite Battle/Friendship/Skill Challenge.

Please keep in mind that this is not Niantic-official news, it is a piece of information coming from datamine, which may change any time.

For last, here is what was discovered in the GM file, thanks to PokeMiners:

“gofest2020_leadup_title_battle”, “GO Fest Battle Challenge”,
“gofest2020_leadup_title_battle_01”, “GO Fest Battle Challenge (1/3)”,

“gofest2020_leadup_title_friendship”, “GO Fest Friendship Challenge”,
“gofest2020_leadup_title_friendship_01”, “GO Fest Friendship Challenge (1/3)”,

“gofest2020_leadup_title_skill”, “GO Fest Skill Challenge”,
“gofest2020_leadup_title_skill_01”, “GO Fest Skill Challenge (1/3)”,

“gofest2020_leadup_title_battle_bonus”, “GO Fest Elite Battle Challenge”,
“gofest2020_leadup_title_battle_bonus_01”, “GO Fest Elite Battle Challenge (1/1)”,

“gofest2020_leadup_title_friendship_bonus”, “GO Fest Elite Friendship Challenge”,
“gofest2020_leadup_title_friendship_bonus_01”, “GO Fest Elite Friendship Challenge (1/1)”,

“gofest2020_leadup_title_skill_bonus”, “GO Fest Elite Skill Challenge”,
“gofest2020_leadup_title_skill_bonus_01”, “GO Fest Elite Skill Challenge (1/1)”,

“league_ruleset_info_timestamp_after_subtitle”, “This Cup is limited to Pokemon caught after {0}.”,
“league_ruleset_info_timestamp_before_subtitle”, “This Cup is limited to Pokemon caught before {0}.”,
“league_ruleset_info_timestamp_both_subtitle”, “This Cup is limited to Pokemon caught after {0} and before {1}.”,

Do you agree with this new feature, what do you think about the limit on how many Pokemon are caught? There is a similar concept where tournament organizers give Trainers around 30 minutes or so to catch X number of Pokemon. Sound off below in the comment section, we would love to hear it from you.

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  1. I think this is a disappointing decision on Niantic’s part as far as the way the premier cups will be limited. Instead of actually getting rid of the main OP mons in each cup for a little while it will be a lot of searching for old mons in boxes and making 2nd versions of the same old stuff to meet catch time restrictions.

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