Pokemon Go Go Fest 2020 Image Hints at Unown, Team Go Rocket and More

Trainers, Pokemon Go Fest 2020 image was discovered in the GM file and it hints at Unown “G,” Team Go Rocket, Charizard, Gible, Snorlax, and more.

When looking at the image, we can easily guess which Pokemon will most likely be featured during GO Fest 2020, and here is what we expect to see during the event:

  • Unown G – possible G O F E S T spelling
  • Team Go Rocket Special Research – Dataminers discovered a six-stage Team Go Rocket Special Research called “Time to Train
  • Charizard – increased spawn rate and shiny form available
  • Gible – increased spawn rate and shiny form available
  • Snorlax – increased spawn rate and shiny form available
  • Seviper/Zangoose Regional Pokemon
  • Chinchou – Possible shiny from available
  • Pikachu –  new Pikachu wearing a Hat
  • Eevee – Shiny Form hype

For last, the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 will go live on July 25 and 26, 2020, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time each day. There are no details about the price, so as soon as we have something, you’ll be the first to know.

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  1. I would like to participate in this event. I just wish it was free because of the crisis we are in i can not afford to pay for it. Its unfair

    1. I am sorry you can not pay for it. Unfortunately I do not believe it should be free. The amount of work they have had to put into this event cost so much money. They have to see a profit otherwise they will stop doing them. They can’t just spend this much money and keep doing them its impractical.

  2. I already did: Liverpool and Philadelphia and I love to be able to do Pokémon go fest 2020 on July 25,26
    How much is the cost for tickets for the event??

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