Pokemon Go Maximum Trainer Level Might Increase to Level 50

Level 41-50

Trainers, the world’s best Pokemon Go dataminers “discovered” a new reward pool for level 41 through level 50. Wait, what? The max Trainer Level in Pokemon Go is 40! Yes, that’s true, but it seems like Niantic and Pokemon  Go are working to increase the Max Level to 50.

The “new level up reward pool,” or as they call it an educated guess (see the image below), starts from level 41 and goes up to level 50. There are various rewards, such as Ultra Ball, Pinap Berry, Incubators and more.

Back in December 2018, Matt Slemon, the Lead Product Manager for Pokemon Go in an interview with a German website, confirmed that they don’t have plans to increase the level cap and level 40 will remain the max level in the game.

Very interesting, right? PokeMiners have proven to be on point every time, and we would like to know the end result on this matter. We’ll be paying much attention and will keep you updated.

NOTE: As per PokeMiners, the required XP was not updated past level 40!

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  1. I have been playing games since I could walk… And this is like in the top three to five best games ever… Like ever…
    Mystic quest – a final fantasy,
    FF XII,
    Pokémon go…
    (chrono trigger),
    kingdom hearts-1&2…
    Super good job guys, and keep up all the hard work Do you guys happen to have a promo code for balls I could beg off you?
    Thanx again guys- you rock

  2. You get 4 lucky eggs as a level 40 reward so this makes sense, otherwise they would be worthless since they can’t he traded.

  3. working a lot just to pass actual 40 half, exponentially its quite worry some imagining exponentially how much work will be needed to reach something like 41~50.

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