UPDATE Pokemon Go PokeCoin Revamp System Reports

UPDATE: Players from Australia are reporting of seeing changes with the Pokemon Go PokeCoin system and here are the latest reports:

  • PokeCoins earned per hour defending Gyms: was 2, now it’s 6
  • PokeCoins earned from daily activities: was 5, now it’s 20
  • Maximum PokeCoins defending Gyms per day: was 50, now it’s 30
  • Maximum PokeCoins earned per day: was 55, now it’s 50

Previous Story: We got some news that Niantic will be changing the way Trainers get coins in Pokemon Go.

They are working on a new feature that will allow players to get coins from completing Daily Tasks. They will also be cutting down the number of coins a Trainer can get per hour from placing a Pokemon in Gyms.

Back to the tasks, a player will get activities that will reward 5 coins for completing them all. These activities include evolving a Pokemon, powering up a Pokemon, and many more.

When placing a Pokemon in a Gym, the player will get 2 coins per hour instead of 6 coins per hour. The maximum coins per day a Trainer can get will also be changed, from 50 to 55.

This new system will be tested out in Australia only. After getting feedback, Niantic will improve it and will start rolling it out in other regions.


This new “5 PokeCoins a day for completing a series of activities” which includes Raids, will just worsen the things in Pokemon Go for the rural players. Maybe if they make it 3 coins for an activity, things will be kind of better.

Why do they want to cut down the number of coins per hour a trainer will get when leaving a Pokemon in a Gym? Instead of 50 coins for 8 hours and 20 minutes defending a Gym, players will get around 16 to 17 coins. In hotspot areas, it will be even harder to get those 2 coins.

With this, Niantic is just pushing us to spend money to buy coins. Quite Clever.

Here is a report from the Virsago_mk2, based on feedback from many Pokemon Go groups in Pert, Australia.


The new Pokecoins trial system in Australia brings out the worst of the community, at least in Perth.

1 coin every 30 mins is too long & on the long run makes the community fighting each other for a virtual currency that affects their daily routine & habit.

This needs to be stopped, revert it back to 1 coin every 10 mins like before, or at least adjusted to make it not so punishing for casual players who rarely occupy a gym.

A week later report:

  1. Gym becomes a hostile environment. Literally almost everyone fighting for their spot in the gym. I’ve witnessed people shouting at each other, almost got into a physical fight because someone took down their mon before they got the coins.
  2. Pokecoins income reduced by 66%-75% as it takes a longer time to gain. Players used to get at least 30-50 coins a day by standing by on a gym for up to 8 hours a day. Now players have to stay for at least 25 hours, meaning that it takes 2 days to get 50 coins from the gym if some are lucky enough. Moreover, to get the same coins turnover, players need to occupy at least 3 gyms to get 50 coins a day within 8 hours. Some don’t have the privilege to access multiple gyms around them & those that are able to are very lucky.
  3. Due to this, more players are seeking quiet/obscure gyms that less likely to get taken down. Those gyms are, but not limited to, community center, tiny playgrounds, library & similar that got closed down due to COVID19 lockdown. But at the same time, more players are aware of the obscure gyms & start becoming a race of who gets there first. It’s a double-edged sword.
  4. Local group gym coordination becomes a very common topic. Players that belong in a local group are more tolerable & cooperative with each other, but those outsiders aren’t & the players in the groups start calling names to those outsiders that took down their mons. Some even start a vengeance scheme to take down the outsider’s mons from the gym immediately.
  5. Golden Razz becomes much more valuable consumables. Players keep feeding their mon with GRazz to keep their mon as long as possible. Some even keep their phone on all the time and/or at least turned on the notification. This becomes an unhealthy habit for people to always stand by on their phones. However, since the only way to obtain this is from the raid & special research, it somehow becomes an exclusive item for new players, but not so much for established players that already amassed so many GRazz.
  6. Coins tasks are surprisingly well-received? Most players throughout the local group that I’ve observed liked the tasks & felt that they are easy enough to complete in a few mins, including the Win A Raid task. Some wished for the number of tasks to be reduced, some are happy as is.
  7. Surprisingly fewer players actually bought boxes, instead, they bought more 3x Remote Raid Pass bundles. It’s more affordable (around 83 coins/pass), faster to get & more convenient for players to raid. Players now set the coin goals to at least 250 coins instead & no longer aim for 1000+coins for the boxes nor Premium Battle Pass.
  8. No reports about Incubators & Lucky Eggs.
  9. Indirect result of point #4, some local group players are becoming too aggressive to outsiders. This somehow includes new players, casuals & players who are not in a chat group. No matter how old are you, how ignorant are you to the Pokemon Go news, if you take down their mon from the gym some will start bullying you. Some are more forgiven as they understand not a lot of people aware of the coin system, but those that are bullying are the absolute worst. I witnessed a local group player getting angry to an outsider who took down his mon, it turns out that outsider is a retiree lady within their neighborhood that isn’t in the local group. She’s just an old lady to play this game for fun with her grandkids, not even aware of the recent coin system trial.
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  1. that a shame all ready get harassed with the 6 coins a hour when I knock the team out of the gym. I’ll be on foot & the follow me slowly in their car down the road… I will stop using my money to buy from shop if they do that here… I’m just a casual player that does fit into know ones click not even my own color….

  2. This is just going to make cheating more prevalent. When will companies learn? I’m already sick of it here. No manner of reporting helps. People with 3 or more accounts with barely different names and ALWAYS in the same gyms together? And even admitted in a FB group they were cheaters, but that doesn’t matter to them either. It’s just going to get worse. And with the game constantly crashing on iOS, they aren’t getting a dime from me for a very long time. Keep dreaming Niantic.

  3. This is a bad idea. Just keep it going. It costs nothing to make fake skins that people seem to rave over. Put some more hats in the store and watch people spend there entire wallets.

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