CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone May Get New Melee Weapon

Modern Warfare and Warzone have both received a significant update yesterday. Warzone has received squads with a capacity of 200 players, a limited-time mode which has already proven to be very intriguing. Infinity Wards’ Reloaded update shortly has established itself among the most successful ones.

Right after the update, there have been some leaks circling, and one of them points to a potential new melee weapon arriving in the game. The dual-wielding Kodachis are seemingly Infinity Wards’ choice, which option will become available soon.

Modern Warfare & Warzone Dual Kodachis

Cold weapons that will rip through enemies defenses in extremely close combat scenarios, for which Infinity Ward hasn’t talked about yet.

This melee weapon is most likely to be acquirable with completing a set of challenges, or a piece of a bundle purchasable within the in-game store. However, without further proof and the absence by Infinity Ward on the matter, we have nothing to back up the arrival of this melee weapon.

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