Confirmed: Epic Games Disabled the Golden Mushroom in Fortnite

The Golden Mushroom, the consumable that has pretty much a 0.0001% chance of spawning, is facing removal, at least temporarily. But why exactly is this item being disabled? Having an ultra-small spawn rate of around 1:10000, the item seems to have lost its purpose due to a bug.

SypherPK was one of the players who have managed to find the golden mushroom thanks to the help of stream snipers. Instead of consuming the Golden mushroom, he has decided to gather it and keep it in his inventory. But, that didn’t turn out well as the Golden mushroom turned into an ordinary one. Instead of having the full effect upon consumption, it granted only 5 shield. Therefore, this bug is most likely the reason why the Golden Mushroom is disabled.

Below you can find the bug in effect, just watch the whole video.

Despite the reports of the golden mushroom removal by the online media, the conclusion of its withdrawal of the Golden mushroom has arrived from data miners, who have claimed that a hotfix has disabled this item from spawning on the Fortnite island.

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