Dark Souls New Mod Roguelike Souls – The Binding of Lordran

The Dark Souls modding scene would not be the same without the epic mods from creator Grimrukh.

Grimrukh comes back again hitting hard with a mod quite different to his previous one (Daughters of Ash) which was seemingly perfect. And of course, we are talking about the Roguelike Souls mod. And much by just reading the name we can see that he has turned the gloomy world of Dark Souls into a rogue-like.

It is a simple transition that he has done in which he has changed all the aspects of Dark Souls RPG progression and turned it into that of a rogue-like. The mod dictates out of the genre or rogue-likes and makes it so every item drop is random, and even every familiar character is all in unfamiliar places.

By the tradition of rogue-likes, the game gets restarted after your 5th death starting from the very beginning. Going back on a point of NPCs that you will find scattered throughout the world, they will all be in the “hub” area of the world AKA Firelink Shrine which will later come in play with your future run.

The special aspect of this mod is that every time it is installed there are random presets for everything in the game you name it! The mod procedurally-generates weapons, armor, and spells every time it’s installed. And that’s not all! It also assigns different speeds for different enemies. Even if you were familiar with the base game this mod will still pose a challenge. And another thing that rogue-like fans will love to hear is that after every reinstall all of these presets for everything are changed!

To find out more about this absolute masterpiece of a mod is through the Nexus mod page for the game Dark Souls: Remastered. Good luck with your runs adventurer!

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