Fortnite v13.30 Cars, Petrol Jerrycans, and Gas Pump Details

Fortnite’s patch v13.30 is here to introduce players to multiple changes and additions coming to the game. Aside from the leaked skins and other counterparts, there will be some additions coming to the game. As promised in the Season 3 Trailer, players were able to see new transport vehicles in the game. So far, they haven’t been enabled, and patch 13.30 might do that as well.

According to multiple data miners, the information and data about the cars have already arrived. The Petrol Jerrycans and Gas Pumps will play a huge role, as cars do not run on water, right? But, let’s start with the cars first.

According to Hypex, the cars will deal damage if they’re exploded or destroyed, and they can hit other players, but won’t do any harm to them on impact. The cars will only deal damage to players only upon destruction, 200 for close range, and 50 for long-range.

The Petrol Jerrycans will have a similar fashion, and they can be destroyed while being in the carrier’s hands. They deal 99 damage to players and 250 damage to vehicles. More about this, we’ll see once the game becomes available to everyone.

Cars don’t run on water! Hence, we have the Petrol jerrycans and also gas stations that will be in motion during this addition. FortTory, a known Fortnite data miner, has also discovered the sounds of the gas pumps and the petrol jerrycans. You can listen to them below:

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