Minecraft Dungeons: How to Unlock Panda Plateau, Get The Secret Scroll In Dingy Jungle

Minecraft Dungeons’ latest Jungle Awakens DLC has introduced us to a new zone, which holds a couple of new missions. One of them is a secret one and can be unlocked by finding a hidden rune in Dingy Jungle. The name of the secret mission is called Panda Plateau, or how I would love to call it, the Panda Level.

Ok, so now that we know everything, you’re probably asking yourself if there’s a fast way of getting to the secret entrance. Well, while I cannot provide you with a video because I’ve already unlocked it while I played on fullscreen (a bug with Minecraft Dungeons causes Nvidia Shadowplay to record the second monitor). But, I can provide some images that will help you find the way to the secret entrance.

We believe that if you haven’t done the secret level, you will always get the level spawned for you. Now, since the beginning of the Dingy Jungle, you will be taken through several objectives. You do not need to clear the extra area in the first five objectives. Instead, you need to concentrate on the sixth one.

  1. Pass Into the Stronghold
  2. Explore The Jungle
  3. Explore the Vine Maze
  4. Follow The Pass
  5. Survive The Ambush
  6. Cross the Canyon – It is where the secret entrance leading to the rune/scroll is located.

This is the location after the ambush objective. For better clarification, “Survive The Ambush” objective can be seen in the image below:

When this objective is completed, the gate will lower and you will be heading your way to Cross the Canyon.

Once you get the Cross the Canyon objective, make sure you start clearing the map slowly. Due to procedurally generated content, the environment changes each time you start a mission, but that doesn’t change the location of the secret entrance leading to the scroll.

In Cross the Canyon, there is a Creeper Stone (see image below), with a constant spawn in different locations. Once you find it, you will know you’re close to the scroll. Just head away from the navigator leading to the end of the mission, in whichever way is available.

In the image above, for us, the top right area was the one away from the final objective. That’s where you need to go. The dungeon should be somewhere on that side, just make sure you clear the whole area. Remember, just away from the in-game navigator (the yellow arrow on the right side of the image).

Once you get in the dungeon, make sure you start clearing. You should notice three buttons (yellow squares) scattered across the zone. Pressing each one of them will lower one of the gates that are preventing access to the scroll. Once pressed, a gauntlet will begin. You do not need to complete it, but if you want to get extra XP and maybe some loot, go ahead and finish it. Once everything’s done, the scroll that unlocks the Panda level should be at the bottom left on the map. Head there and grab it.

That’s all for this guide. I hope it will help you open the Panda Plateau mission a lot faster than necessary.

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