Update: Ninja Potentially Moving to YouTube Gaming

UPDATE: According to @Slasher, Ninja is still under negotiations with multiple streaming platforms, and Twitch is among them. Despite the fact that he started streaming on YouTube Today, it seems that it’s not contract-bound. With that said, we may see Ninja streaming on another streaming platform as well.

Shortly after the termination of Mixer, multiple popular streamers have been left without a proper workplace. Microsoft’s Mixer has partnered with Facebook Gaming, joining their powers for a more robust streaming platform. However, not every streamer from Mixer decided to lean into the same contract. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, grown by the Battle Royale Fortnite, after a short period without streaming, is now making a switch to YouTube Gaming.

Two of the most famous streamers on Mixer have decided to deny the new contract and prevent a transfer to Facebook’s streaming service. They are Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. With Ninja putting this problem behind, Shroud’s next streaming platform is still anonymous. Does that mean we’ll have an answer soon, as a replica to what happened when they both transferred to Mixer? Will Shroud be joining YouTube Gaming as well? Time will tell.

Tyler has also posted this move on his Twitter profile.

Below you can find his stream.

Currently, Ninja is before the start of his daily stream, and over 120,000 are already tuned to see the surprise and escort Ninja on his new journey. Good luck Ninja, wish you the best on YouTube.

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