Physical copies of Ghost of Tsushima sold out in Japan

Ghost of Tsushima is, by no doubt is one of the most praised and popular games recently. It certainly puts itself among the most demanding titles, especially in Japan, where physical copies of Ghost of Tsushima have entirely vanished from major retailers.

Major retails have faced a shortage, and the store shelves have remained without a product. While Sony cannot help with the deficit instantly, further directions are to purchase the digital version of the game through the PlayStation store.

This was also acknowledged by the official Japanese PlayStation Twitter Profile, in which they stated the following (according to Google Translate):

“Ghost of Tsushima” has been well received than we expected, and we are out of stock at some stores.
Currently, additional production is currently underway, but the download version is also available on the PS Store. Please consider together.

While there are no official sale numbers, it was concluded that Ghost of Tsushima has already conquered the top of the UK charts, for later to receive surprising information on physical copies being sold in Japan. Everyone expects Ghost of Tsushima to notice a slightly lower sale performance than The Last of Us Part 2 throughout a stable launch period.

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