Should we trust Bohemia Interactive saying Arma 4 is not in the works?

At this point, the Arma franchise is becoming just a glimpse of the franchise, as Bohemia Interactive is still shrouding any potential work on another Arma series. During these dark times of virus outbreak and massive lockdowns, all we could do is praise for this phenomenon to get ahead of the development curve, which sadly enough, according to Bohemia Interactive, is not happening.

In June, Bohemia Interactive has officially announced that Arma 4 isn’t being worked on, alluding to the existence of Arma 3 as the latest series of the franchise. But, saying that Arma 4 isn’t in development makes us worry, as we consider ourselves to be hardcore supporters of any sandbox environment, especially a military sim such as Arma.

On the official community wiki, Bohemia Interactive stated the following:

  • When is the Arma 4 release? Is Arma 4 being worked on?
      • As stated above, Arma 3 is the latest title of the Arma franchise, and no other title has been announced, either in development or a release date.
  • I heard something about Arma 4 being skipped and Arma 5 coming…?
      • It is nothing but a “next Half-Life” joke. If a future Arma title is to be released, it is more likely to be Arma 4.

What else it states is that Bohemia Interactive is currently working on its Enfusion engine, which should be a longstanding option to power future games. Among which, again, Arma 4 should be considered as vital as it is one of Bohemia Interactive’s most successful creations.

Even if we may believe Bohemia Interactive’s words, they don’t seem to hold waters. What could be said in a better way is that Bohemia Interactive is working on the Enfusion engine to predispose all the necessary things for a potential Arma 4 before it becomes a liability.

Arma 3 is currently in patch 1.98, now stalling any additional upcoming core updates by supporting and publishing community DLCs. As many others believe, Arma 4 should be released before Arma 3 gets to 2.0. This is due to the nature of the development course. Just as Arma 3 1.0 back in the days, 2.0 should be a major update, which we don’t see happening. It would be rather complying to see Arma 4 than seeing a 2.0 update for Arma 3.

If there’s any secrecy behind this project, we would be somewhat disappointed. Like every other player who has become a soldier thanks to Arma 3, we firmly believe that Arma 4 is closer than anyone can think of. I can still imagine playing KOTH on a lot better FPS than we can ever do in Arma 3. That would represent a perfect milsim experience for all, even for future generations.

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  1. Definitely it’s in development. But you should not trust them, that they are able shipped new title without bugs, with user friendly interface and polished gameplay. I rather dont mention pleasable price. But its not only about theyr games. Just read Bohemia Interactive glassdoor revievs from their employees – no chance to get there experienced developers. Many of them already left.

  2. Sorry for the negative tone, but this article is wrong on so many levels that I don’t even know where to start.

    1) Lou Montana – the author of the official ==>community<== wiki page that you quoted (see page revisions) is "just" the Arma Discord moderator. He's not a BI employee so you can't say it's an official announcement.

    2) That information has been there since January, not June (again, see page revisions)

    3) Your quote of the wiki is incorrect. The wiki page stated that "If a future Arma title is to be released, it is more likely to be Arma 4.", not "to be Arma." (meaning there will be no version skipping, not that the next released game has to be from the Arma franchise)

    4) Arma is currently NOT at v1.8. DayZ is at 1.8. The latest non-development Arma version is 1.98!

    5) Why would Arma 3 even need to "get to 2.0" at all? That doesn't make any sense. What's wrong with 1.100?

    As for the Arma 4 speculations, it most probably IS in development but the developers don't want to repeat the DayZ disaster (literally years of Early Access) and want to announce the game when most of the development will have been done

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. The Arma version being 1.8 it’s a typo. Also, the Arma instead of Arma 4 is a typo. I am truly sorry for that. I updated it asap. Also, I know that DayZ is 1.8. I’ve been writing about the experimental and when the patch arrived on the live servers. Thanks again! Sometimes it’s better to have 4 eyes you know… 🙂

      1. Hello there!

        As a complement to TotallNottack statement, I am indeednot a Bohemia Interactive employee at all.
        The information remains correct though, as it is the company’s official position through its Community Manager, Nillers. The wiki is also closely monitored by Bohemia Interactive employees which would of course be pretty not pleased if I announced “next Arma release next week”.

        Arma 3 is actually in 1.98 (1.99 in dev branch). Whether the next patch is 1.100 or 2.00 still does not mean anything about a potential Arma 4 game.


        PS: “Arma 3 is currently in patch 1.8” is still present in the article.

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