The Underground King Racing Rogue-Lite Game

The Underground King is a racing video game developed and published by Two-Eyed Cyclops Games SRL.

The game is available on Steam and here is an overview, thanks to the devs:

The Underground King is a RACING ROGUE-LITE set on a mysterious island where racing is the bread-and-butter of life. Lead your carefully handcrafted teams in chaotic racing events for glory and fortune. Available on PC (Linux and Mac soon). Drive, Defeat, Loot, Repeat!


“A party of adventurers set to explore the dungeon”. Sounds familiar? The Underground King is a classic RPG adventure disguised as a racing game.

  • Driver Types: Based on classic RPG archtypes, we reflavored their background and personality to belong in our world. Hobo (Fighter), Urchins (Rogue), Biker (Paladin), etc. Each driver comes with a unique name, backstory, body type, stats, and a random skill.
  • Driver Skills: Each driver comes with their own activatable ability. These are physic-based actions that will help you surpass obstacles, damage enemies, navigate the track, etc.
  • Vehicle Types: Vehicles have from 1 up to 4 seats for drivers and proportional bonuses depending on the seat count. Like the drivers, each car comes with a unique identity, random paint job, and random stats.
  • Team Management: You are able to assemble multiple teams composed of one vehicle and at least one driver. You can match and sort different combinations to surpass specific challenges (such as building a team to survive a meteor shower).


  • Race Tracks: Procedurally generated terrain designed to challenge you in unique ways. Here are some examples:
  • The Countryside: (Currently implemented) Race in a dangerous obstacle course against other enemy teams.
  • Freefall: (In development) All teams fall from a plane. Whoever hits the ground first, wins!
  • Manhunt: (In development) Somebody is hunting the contestants. Be the last survivor or become the hunter, to claim the prize.
  • Tug-o-war: (In development) One chain, two opposing cars. Pull your weight or get dragged down.
  • Others: We have more types planned, thematic to classic adventure tropes, such as tomb raiding, fighting armies of orcs, slay the dragon, etc.
  • Boss Tracks: (In development) Occasionally, you can challenge a Boss in a more difficult version of a normal race track. They might drop unique Boss Set items, which when completed, will grant you special effects and high stats.
  • Obstacles & Weather: Obstacles are designed to hinder you but you can also use them to damage / slow your enemies. The weather influences your speed and acceleration and some spawn dangers (such as lightning bolts, meteor showers, etc.).
  • Team vehicles are physical objects that move throughout the level. They can collide with each other, activate traps, break obstacles into pieces, etc.
  • Domino effects can occur, adding to the chaotic fun that is physics-based gameplay! That goes double for EXPLOSIONS!


  • Text Adventures (Happenings): Adventures scattered throughout the island for your drivers to explore. Rewards await for those who seek them!
  • Shop Opportunities: Wandering merchants will offer to buy or sell things from you. Some will ask for specific item types while others for are only interested in quality.
  • Loot & Rarities: We have the roguelike procedurally generated loot, which can drop in a variety of rarities.
  • Traits: Items, drivers and vehicles come with their own set of traits. These either add bonus stats or simple percent-based effects (such as “5% chance for double-damage). We have added a few already and aim to add a whole lot more during Early Access.


  • World Laws: 30+ unique effects that change the game mechanics in a fun & rewarding way.
  • New Week: Each week, the island changes, with different Weather, Happenings, Shops, and Racing Tracks. A new World Law will take effect and influence your experience. This stacks with any permanent laws you accumulated from previous sessions (if any).
  • Win a game: Survive for 30 in-game days. For each playthrough survived, you unlock a permanent World Law that will influence your next plays. World Laws are stackable, so you can have multiple at once (if you can keep up a winning streak that is).
  • Lose a game: By reaching 0 Coin or 0 Fame, you will choose 1 driver, lose a previous World Law and receive a new one, for your next playthrough. Hey ho!

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