UPDATE Pokemon Go Server Issues, Game Crashes Constantly

Server Issues are Causing Occasional Crashing and Lagging in Pokemon Go

Update: The Go Fest 2020 is now live in the US, but unfortunately players are experience server issues, constant lags, Raid invitations being dropped, Incense issues, and some players can’t even login to the game. Players are getting upset and some already started to ask for a refund.

Do you experience the same problems? Let us know in the comment section below.

Update: Trainers, Pokemon Go is crashing again and many players are not able to login. The GO Fest event is live in some parts and many players who got a ticket are not able to play the game. We would really hope to see this sorted out before the event goes live in other parts of the world.

Update: Trainers, Niantic reported fixing the server issue.

Previous Story: Trainers, there is a problem that causes the app to constantly crash, which makes the game completely unplayable.

According to reports, Pokemon Go doesn’t load and players need to close and reopen the app every 100 minutes.

The problem appears to be on Niantic’s side and players are not able to catch Pokemon, send Gifts, open Gifts, battle in the league, battle a Gym, etc.

Niantic is familiar with the issue and they are investigating the server issues that are causing occasional crashing and lagging in Pokemon Go.

There is no solution at the moment, and I strongly suggest for the players to force close and restart the app before taking any action.

Do you have the same problem and how often do you encounter some kind of a problem in the app? We would like to hear from you, so please let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. During community day I had to close my game about every 20 minutes as it kept freezing ehen clicking on a pokemon

  2. I’m having problem since the weekend. And it’s more than that. I have not been able to purchase anything on the shop. I keep getting the message “ something went wrong, try again 3” I have tried everything, and nothing has helped. It’s been a nightmare ☹️ I have even been charged double when I bought my Go Fest ticket. No one has been able to help me with any of the problems.

  3. Yeah big problem here. Since about 5pm on 7/20 I have been unable to purchase poke coins. I just get an error message that said “something went wrong.” I’ve deleted and redownloaded app, closed, signed out and both tweeted and emailed Niantic Support. This sucks a lot. Two days of raids lost plus now I’ve used my lucky eggs and things and can’t buy more.

  4. I have been seeing small glitches like this fot say since the teamgo rocket event started, however it only has kicked me off the app and wouldnt load when trying to feed a buddy. I’ve bought the go fest pass is thos going to ve affected as well?

  5. I’ve done all I could, I have cleared out my history, deleted apps to allow more storage, completely shut down my IPhone, removed Pokemon Go and reinstalled yet to no avail. The game keeps crashing. I’m in for less than a minute before it crashes. Thank god I didn’t buy go fest tix! I’m in NYC with all these gyms and stops and yet I can’t play.

  6. Every time I leave the map screen to send/open a gift, attack a gym , click on a research task etc the game crashes……it’s horrendous…..

  7. i got a problem too not playable . is not click bait .. Pokemon Go doesn’t load for me for 5 days . when i am able to play my pokeball not want be trow or get freez . and crash like 10 time atm i am still freez and is not my phone i did try with iphone too .and iuse more my samsung a20

  8. Unable to close the x when finished send or receive gift. I thought my touch screen broken. It happened several times in a day. Force close few times.

  9. Me and my friend traded some 3 star Pokémon and when we received them they had no stars and CP dropped… really sucked

  10. Hello!
    I have the same problem with the app. I can’t do anything, and it’s just freezes up, and i must close and restart the app all the time. I really hope this problem is fixed before the event today!

  11. Hi 7 hours into go fest and i have restarted my tablet at least 45 times with all the issues. Total waste of money as i cant catch hardly anything with all the lagging and freezing. NOT HAPPY!!!!

  12. Problems have been rampant since the beginning of the event, EDT (I’m in Michigan, USA). If you want to see how many people are having problems, go look at the comments on the official Facebook page. Personally, I couldn’t consistently load my friends list over the last two hours, which meant I could participate in the friend challenge, I spent hours preparing for. Also due to glitches I missed out on several raids, because we couldn’t connect. I wasted eggs, due to not being able to connect and play consistently. What a disappointing experience. Too many people had the same experience.

  13. I bought the ticket the 2 days prior to the event . Went out the day it started it forced me to log off and restart when I did I accidentally logged into the wrong account for Facebook and now it won’t allow me to switch accounts .

  14. I bought the ticket 2 days prior to the event . Went out the day it started and it forced me to log out . I accidentally logged back into the wrong Facebook account and it won’t allow me to switch to the other account

  15. I cant even get logged into the app at all to play. Gonna have to ask for my money back if this doesn’t get fixed soon.

  16. Can’t access my friends list for gifts thus missing out on tasks and being short of items, lagging on spawns, pokestops not working to replenish. This is an epic waste of money. Never again.

  17. It’s so frustrating. I have lost raid passes, incense and star pieces since the event started. Also can’t load friends list. Have restarted the game and my iPhone and nothing helps. Groupon raids are the worst with lagging and freezing. Niantic should refund money paid for the event and incense wasted today.

    1. Same i cnt even play yet my kids tablets are fine and we all have the nsame tablet! Paid for a go ticket formgomfest and cnt even do raids ormcollect gifts or battoe team rocket. So frustraiting

  18. After completing raids, 5 of them wouldn’t jump to the next part of catching kyogre/groudon. Closed the game out and opened back up and nothing. Very upset and disappointed that it happened. Wish there was something they could do for that. I’d have that many more each of groudon and kyogre. Also, lost some raid passes too in some of the encounters. Something has to change

  19. Hey there playing from seattle wa had minor issues with raid invites was able to complete one raid remotely without freezing had others that would freeze before boss was defeated. Could be my device. Playing on iPhone 7 boost mobile service and had no issues otherwise. Lost of fun lots of Pokémon and 8 shinies over the weekend! Only criticism would be work on remote invites and lobby times

  20. My charge TM moves dindt work at day two – I kept getting an error message, Unknown item is not available at the moment. And i had plenty in stock.
    So at the moment my Rocket League Challenge pokemons, are quite useless. Refering to, shadow Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno and Mewtwo.
    And after the event, it just state that its not possible.
    Im not the only one hurt by this, and i think its sad, really sad.
    I posted the issue ingame, but recieved a, try to restart the game robot text. Wich dindt solve anything.

    So i sincerely hope that something could be done – for my sake and alot of other unfortunate and disappointed trainers.

    Best Regards André – SiriuSStorM.

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