Valorant’s Act 2 will introduce a slightly different ranked system

Valorant’s Act 1 is almost over, and the game is ready to move towards its second act. As promised by Riot Games, each act is destined to bring different features and additions, including new Agents that will spice up the gameplay experience.

Valorant’s Act 2 is most likely starting on August 4, and it is going to introduce a brand new rank system. The inclusion of this new rank system will reset the ranks of all players who have, called Act Rank. Act Rank will help Riot Games track player’s achievements throughout a previous act by placing a commemorative icon or trophy for their participation in the previous act.

In act 2, the ranks are estimated to be reset. Presumably, they will be reset by one or two levels, or they will be completely reset with the skill level from the previous act being tied up to the account. That would contribute to fast and accurate ranking without putting the players through a struggle, similar to what Valve’s Dota 2 and CS:GO have done over the past.

However, until we have concrete info regarding the matter, we can only speculate how the ranking system is going to work precisely. To take a look at the official statement released by Riot Games, make sure you visit the following link.

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