A New Guild Wars 2 Expansion is On The Rise

Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet released a teaser for the game’s upcoming expansion, End of Dragons. Guild Wars 2 is a popular MMORPG, which is one of the most-played MMOs in the world. It’s been 3 years since the release of their second expansion Path of Fire, which was a huge success.

Their newest expansion is made as a celebration for Guild Wars’ 8th anniversary, and it’s expected to drop in 2021. At the moment, there’s no further information for End of Dragons. Here’s the teaser:

Even the visuals of the teaser look amazing, showing a majestic dragon flying through a magic mist. The expansion will take players in the land of Cantha, and its events will affect Tyria’s future. Download the base game for Guild Wars 2 for free on

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Luka Midoski

Luka Midoski is the latest addition to FGR's team, with vast knowledge in the MOBA genre. He loves multiplayer online battle arenas as he believes they have the right match time to organize your day. Most of the time, he founds himself trapped in the world of Smite, but sometimes he wants to dip into World of Warcraft too.

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