Blaze Sky, A New Sci-Fi Action RPG Goes In Early Acess on Steam

Double Robot, an independent micro-studio based in Kirkland WA, has announced officially that their sci-fi action RPG BlazeSky has gone into early access on Steam. The early access gives fans an initial adopter price, an exclusive ship, and they get to see the first look on a critical update: 25 hours of fully voice-acted storytelling, and that is all available currently on the Steam market for $19.99

Other key features to the game include 30 hand-crafted star systems, each of which you can explore with 50 playable ships, which are all unique in their way from one another, and you can customize those ships with a wide range of weaponry. Now, of course, the ability to customize your ships with devastating weapons means that there will be enemies. A whole lot of them! They range from sinister AI, alien races, murderous raiders, and invaders from another reality. There are also 25 hours of story-driven gameplay and a dozen NPC allies nestled within various starbases that propel your story forwards.

If you are interested in what you read, you can check the game out the trailer down below and wishlist it here on Steam. BlazeSky will be launch in the Fall of 2020.

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