Fortnite Leak Discovers new Ant-Man related POI

More MCU superheroes are heading to Fortnite!

Even more superheroes from the MCU are most probably going to arrive into Fortnite. As we know so far, a cluster of pacing stories is about to unravel and amaze the public as multiple other official sources have confirmed the same. In that regard, it is much likely to see Fortnite getting new MCU characters in the game.

So far, we know that Spider-Man and Black Panther are possibly arriving at the game, with a strong possibility of Ant-Man and Captain Marvel as well. This indication comes from a fresh leak by a known data miner, HypeX. As HypeX revealed, Epic Games has added a new hotfix that has allegedly added a new Ant-Man related string to the game.

HypeX also posted that the two new Ant-Man related POIs have been named as the following:

  • English: Ant Manor
  • Spanish: Mansión de Ant-Man

Furthermore, he discovered that the Ant-Man related landmark will be next to Holly Hedges which is found on the West side of the Fortnite island.


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