Fortnite leak indicates of a new Marvel Related Content, POI, Wolverine Skin and more

With just a week before the end of Chapter 2’s Season 3, the Fortnite community has become strongly intrigued about the upcoming Season 4 related theme. Knowing Epic Games and their previous collaborations with Marvel, it won’t be of a surprise to see another one.

Moreover, data miners have already started seeking information, with the purpose to determine the theme of the upcoming Season 4. Hypex, a famous Fortnite data miner, has already discovered the possibilities, and they include a brand new Marvel related POI, a new Wolverine Skin, and more.

Check out what Hypex discovered:

As always, take this information with a grain of salt. It may be truthful, but may also be completely wrong. Sometimes, Epic Games leave reliable data, while other times, they may give weird indications to stray the data miners away from discovering surprising elements to the fans.

Hypex hasn’t been wrong about new assets being available in the game, and most of the pieces he leaked usually turn into reality. If a new Marvel collab is imminent, we assume the live event and the transition of Season 3 to Season 4 will involve Aquaman, including the latest additions on the Fortnite island.

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