Fortnite Map Comparison – Season 3 vs Season 4

As always, and as promised, we love to help everyone designate the changes added to the Fortnite island with each new season. In practice, we love to place head-to-head map images of late Season 3 and early Season 4 and see how many changes Epic Games has implemented in this new episode.

For now, we know that a couple of landmarks and POIs have been changed to reflect the current theme better. The whole MCU is about to arrive on the Fortnite island, so these changes were kind of imminent. But what exactly has been changed?

Fortnite Season 3 vs. Season 4 Map Changes

In the image below, you can move the slider to your will and look at the Seasonal Changes. The left side image is taken before the end of Season 3, and the right side image is a fresh map image of Season 4.

[twenty20 img1=”45311″ img2=”45312″ offset=”0.5″]

Do you like the Fortnite update and Season 4 so far?

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