Fortnite might announce the return of the Getaway LTM

Some of Fortnite’s LTMs have been exceptionally good and have managed to carve their existence into the player’s minds. Sadly, the meaning of LTM (Limited Time Mode) points out that the mode will come to its removal sooner or later. Such as, Getaway LTM, which may see a return very soon.

So far, Epic Games is struggling to find a decent balance and rotation between the LTMs, which is the culprit of all the frustration zooming on Reddit. Knowing that Epic Games has decided to bring back the LTMs just as they were before, which means multiple of them might shuffle through the course of Chapter 2, Season 3.

This will probably the most exciting feature in the game, knowing that the Getaway LTM, one of the player’s favorites, will reinvest in one of the most popular Battle Royale games, Fortnite. According to VastBlast, which is among the newer Fortnite data miners, has discovered that Epic Games has added numerous code lines with the names of previous LTMs, without indicating of their release.

However, the game modes and the capacity of players that will be available to play together are known. Below you can find his official tweet.

Therefore, I am genuinely excited about this and hope to see the return of the Getaway LTM. It was one of my favorites. What are you hoping for?

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