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Fortnite Season 4 Patch Notes, Vaults, Unvaults, and More

Fortnite Season 4 is live, and we’ll finally take a look at all of the MCU characters that have arrived at the Fortnite island. However, all of them with a purpose dedicated to an upcoming fight against a new villain, Galactus. Probably the name that will twist the story to further reaches.

Fortnite Season 4, just like any other previous patch, doesn’t include official patch notes, but instead, all we can do is follow Fortnite’s official Trello page and try to determine what exactly has been dealt with.

Fortnite Island and POIs

First of all, let’s start with the Fortnite island itself. It has new locations that somewhat differ from the previous seasons. Some of them have been edited to represent a better look and comply with the Marvel theme. We’ll make sure you can compare the S3 and S4 island by yourself so that we will do that in another article. For now, let’s take a look at what more has been added to Fortnite.

Data Miners Discoveries

Firemonkey has found new floppers that will help the players jump in a different realm and try to have a whole different approach to the game. The fresh Thermal fish is probably one of the best.

Furthermore, Hypex has discovered all of cosmetics being added with Season 4. He has also found that a new MIDAS flopper has been added to the game, which turns the whole player inventory into legendary.

Gameplay Changes

Some of the already existing items and weapons have received tweaks. From legendary weapons to car and chest spawns, below you can find the patch notes that will reflect this section only:

  • Chest spawn rates reduced from 100% to 70%
  • Old Mythic bosses removed
  • Car spawn rate decreased by 30%
  • Common Assault Rifle damage from 30 to 35
  • Uncommon Assault Rifle damage from 31 to 35
  • Rare Assault Rifle damage from 33 to 35
  • Legendary Scar damage from 36 to 35
  • Can Sidegrade a Charge Shotgun to a Pump and back again

Known Issues Addressed


  • Rectangle and multiple lines of text appearing on HUD

Battle Royale

  • Water Balloon Toy temporarily disabled


  • Crash on consoles when renaming a device

Save the World

  • PS4 Trophies not being awarded correctly


  • Symbols in player names and Creative Hubs on Nintendo Switch.

Vaulted & Unvaulted Weapons and Utilities


Vaulted Unvaulted
Decoy Grenades Shockwave Grenade
Stink Bomb Boogie Bomb
Flare Gun Bandage Cannon
Launch pad Bounce Pad
Tactical Shotgun Revolver
Pistol Scoped Assault Rifle
Rapid-Fire SMG Tactical Submachine
Hunting Rifle Combat Shotgun

New Items:

  • Fire Trap
  • Groot’s Bramble Shield
  • Dr. Doom’s Mythica bomb

Now, let’s jump to the official patch notes which should be compiled based on Trello’s Fortnite page:



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