Pokemon Call of the Trainer Open World Pokemon Game We all Want to See

There is a fan concept that is called Pokemon Call of the Trainer. With this, players will be able to roam over the open world and catch any Pokemon as they please.

The one and only goal of this concept is the following: dunking the Trainer in the world of Hyrule and adding Pokemon to the right places. The creative mind behind this also envisioned that instead of the powers of the Sheikah tablet, there would be many different actions that would be available in the Pokemon games.

This fan concept got attention when Eurogamer interviewed Game Freak director Junichi Masuda. He was asked about the possibility of an open-world Pokemon game. Of course, Masuda did not give a clear answer but left the door open for it in the future. This interview also threw oil to the flame, which led to fan arts of this concept.

The fans tried to imagine what would this all look like by photoshopping Pokemon into the world of Breath of the Wild and you can see the final result below.

Who wants to see this as the next Pokemon game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. This is the game I have been searching for all these years! Please, please, please make it! And please make it available on all platforms!

  2. The Pokémon Company must be the first company to lost the chance to gain money, if they do a game like this, like the concept, they may make a lot of success but they insist in hide the true potential of a game like this, a company don’t have a idea is one thing, but refuse a idea that would give a lot of money?
    Why don’t make a game where the trainer is free? Every fan of Pokémon and everyone with a console would buy a game like this. Why a company would loss a chance to gain money and success?

  3. Make it, and i will buy this game in pre-order. Make the game for all platforms. I see lot off money for the maker’s.

  4. Please make this a video game to a game like me this would be the most epic pokemon game in the while pokemon game saga. I would totally buy the game pre-order and play it nonstop.

  5. This has to be a thing, in open world you could add all the region’s, you could make Pokemon be able to be caught from where they are found as per cannon and choose which league and you want to face and when and instead of new Pokemon games coming out all the time, just an idea have dlc which adds to the map and creates a whole new zone with mission, story and league.

  6. Yes I wish they would make a Pokemon game like final fantasy or something that’s open world like that, Pokemon master or trainer gym leader whatever you want to be and they got all the all the different versions of Pokemon so now you can make a series out of it like the final fantasy XIII disc for disc whatever

  7. World of pokemon, mix this two games in the right direction and the result would give you fame and a money shower.

  8. Please make an open world pokemon game like this but the only thing i suggest is do this in virtual reality people wanna be in the game

  9. yes i do want to play this game.
    because it will be the first best
    open world game that can be
    play without any emulator.

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