Gameplay Trailer for a New Stunning RPG Black Myth: Wu Kong Has Been Released, And It’s Amazing

The newest gameplay trailer for the upcoming Chinese RPG Black Myth Wu Kong has been released, and it’s drawing a lot of gamers’ attention. This new RPG is going to be styled around the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West, which will include a lot of elements from Chinese Mythology. In the Trailer, we saw a Monkey Warrior battling against fox-looking warriors, referred to as Demons in Chinese folklore. Around the end of the gameplay trailer, after the Monkey Warrior defeated a white fox beast, another Monkey Warrior stopped his final blow on the beast. Most likely, this warrior is the fabled Monkey King, Sun Wu Kong, himself.

In the end, we got a few more short gameplay shots of the Monkey Warrior and Sun Wu Kong, which included a dragon, the Four Heavenly Kings, The Heavenly army of the Jade Emperor, and what could’ve been Buddha himself.

What dragged people’s attention was the combat style. It seems like a mix of God Of War (2018) and the Dark Souls franchise. On one occasion, the Monkey Warrior summoned many clones of himself to fight the fox beast. After they were defeated, he transformed himself into a previously defeated enemy in the trailer to finally finish off the beast. From what we got, the combat system looks unique, surprising, and like something we’ve never reached before.

Black Myth: Sun Wu Kong is being developed by a Chinese Indie Game studio called Game Science. On the official website, they revealed that the game would come out on PC and other mainstream consoles, but the beautiful visuals also signify that it be released for next-gen consoles. The game itself is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 by a small group of Chinese game developers, but its graphics and visuals are better than most AAA titles we’ve seen so far.

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