Hitman 3 – England Revealed as New Location!

It was announced that Hitman 3 would be an Epic Store Exclusive for the PC for the first 12 months. Along with that announcement, IO Interactive released the trailer for Hitman 3’s newest location, England, Dartmoor. Agent 47 will take on the role of a detective to investigate a murder in the Thornbridge manor. Instead of just stealth and assassinations, Agent 47 will need to examine for clues, make the right decisions, etc.

Lead Writer Nick Price wrote:

Hitman missions are very complicated affairs with plenty of moving parts and lots of characters you are able to interact with in a huge variety of ways. In Dartmoor’s murder mystery, we are dialing all of that up to 11. Every member of the family is a possible suspect and it’s been quite the challenge to make sure everything doesn’t fall apart just because the player wants to play around.

Hitman is bound to be released in January 2021 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, and PS5. Along with England, players will also go to Dubai for some classic Hitman assassinations.

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