Insider claims: Street Fighter 6 Delayed to 2022

It’s quite unfortunate to be hearing about video game delays, but in this time of uncertainty, it is not weird seeing such notice. Previously set to release in 2021, Street Fighter 6 will need a bit more time to release in 2022 successfully. This delay of Street Fighter 6 was first discovered by an insider who usually notifies a lot of news before their official arrival.

According to Dusk Golem, also known as AestheticGamer, Capcom is disappointed with the development. According to his statement, the game director who was focused on some new mechanic got demoted, and someone else got put in charge, which indirectly would inflict an extended development period. Therefore, 2022 is probably the year where Street Fighter 6 will see the light.

Furthermore, Capcom has announced a new season pass for Street Fighter 5, which sort of confirms the statement above. Probably a way to sustain good income and fund the development of SF6.

David Goodwin

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