New Nintendo Switch Model and Major Games Scheduled for 2021

Earlier, it was discovered that a new hardware piece would add up to the already existing Nintendo Switch Models in 2021. It is precisely the year when the “Switch Pro” is probably going to break through, with a lot stronger capacity and resources to compute high-definition graphics and support more demanding games, but also pour a pleasant performance.

However, that’s not it. With the release of the new and more powerful hardware, Nintendo is also destined to bring new titles. A set of first and third-party titles is estimated to arrive together with the new system’s release.

According to Bloomberg, the machines’ specs have not been revealed, but it will support 4K high-definition graphics. The publisher has also discovered that significant games are scheduled to arrive, and there’s a massive potential that Nintendo might keep a focus on both Mario and Zelda franchises.

This is probably one of the more exciting stories simply because we may see a giant that is about to unleash its power and compete against the most potent next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Undoubtedly, it will be fascinating to see how a handheld device might cope against these two giants.

David Goodwin

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