Niantic Expands Pokemon GO’s New PokeCoin System Test to Multiple Countries

It is known that Niantic plans to change the Pokemon GO PokeCoin system. This will help the trainers to get more PokeCoins through daily tasks, while so far, they’ve been able to acquire them by keeping their Pokemon in gyms. The other way of obtaining PokeCoins is by using the in-game shop and purchase them for real-life money.

So far, we know that Niantic started running PokeCoin tests in Australia since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and now is expanding those trials to multiple other countries such as Germany, New Zealand, and Taiwan. The update introduces Team GO Rocket-related tasks that will allow the trainer to acquire more PokeCoins upon completion.

Below you can find the official announcement by Niantic, in which they claim the attribution of the changes.

In response to positive community feedback and these results, we’re updating the current PokéCoin-rewards test for Trainers in Australia as well as expanding this test to Germany, New Zealand, and Taiwan. The update introduces Team GO Rocket–related tasks to the daily activities you can complete to earn PokéCoins.

The world of Pokémon GO has more ways than ever for Trainers to play, and we’re hoping to use the expanded range of activities to provide more Trainers the opportunity to earn PokéCoins. We will continue to listen to Trainer feedback as we make updates to the PokéCoin-rewards system.

The outcome of this variation is unknown, and whether it will be successful or not, it remains to be seen. What we know so far is that these upcoming but unknown Team GO Rocket challenges are going to tackle the worldwide lockdown caused by the COVID-19, which should encourage trainers to bear with the game easier.

We would advise you not to believe that the difficulty of the PokeCoins related tasks would be easy. Even if the acquisition of PokeCoins so far has been somewhat passive, the upcoming tasks are going to change that.

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