Pokemon Go Evolving your Buddy might Cause the App to be Unresponsive, Here is How to Fix it

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Trainers, according to many reports from the Pokemon GO community, there is a problem when evolving your Pokemon buddy. We’ve come to the conclusion that this is a real problem and because of it we wanted to inform you too about it. If it appears on your phone, do not panic and keep on reading this post to find a solution to it.

On the official TSR Reddit a thread came up which has gained many interactions and it is published by Reddit user glittr_girl. This Redditor explained how they had a problem with the Pokemon GO app after they tried to evolve their Pokemon Buddy Woobat.

They reported that last night they tried to evolve their PoGO Buddy. Immediately after that, they got an error that said: “Couldn’t evolve at this time.” Strangely enough, there was a freshly evolved Swoobat in the Pokemon list. To make it even weirder, on the buddy screen and on the profile, they could still see Woobat. Then, the app was closed in hopes that it would resolve in the morning.

The next time the app was launched, this person could not interact with the game at all. Profiles couldn’t be opened, menus too. The Go+ couldn’t be connected to the app. In short, the app was not responsive. The usual was tried, relaunching the app, uninstalling, rebooting the phone, but nothing worked. The Redditor then tried to contact Niantic support an hour before the Community day (Rhyhorn CD). They responded immediately saying to them to check the online troubleshooting guides and to take obvious actions.

This is quite worrisome because it might not get resolved, as Niantic does not even know what is happening. Nobody would want this to happen after 4 years of gameplay, and many, many Pokemon that have been caught. But, thanks to Reddit user otterprincess, we have found the solution.

Otterprincess reported that they too had similar problems, where the app was totally unresponsive. After many hours, they finally came up with a solution. The problem came up when the Valentine’s Quest came up ( the one where you need to beat 3 team rocket go’s to get a Chancey). They found out that they have about 1 second between opening the app and clicking through the standard warning screen. It turned out that the bug was actually the event itself. The problem for them was when they were still on the normal map view. They suggest clearing out the quests first or try to delete the Pokemon that you think is causing the bug. You could also try to quickly click into your Pokemon menu upon opening the game.

That will help you out, and we discovered another way that works too. Here is what you should do:

  • Delete the app
  • Download it again
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Remove data
  • Signe back into Google account via the website
  • Start the app

It seems like this is a BUG, and reached out to Niantic. We hope they will fix it ASAP.

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  1. I also encountered issues with the screen being unresponsive but the game remained active. (avatar moves and pokemon spawn but cannot be selected). This bug happened after trying to complete the Stage 5 Task for A Ripple In Time – Evolve Eevee into Umbreon.
    The game crashed when attempting to evolve Eevee and screen freezes after a couple of seconds after each restart.
    I managed to access my avatar profile and noticed I didn’t have any buddy. I manually selected Umbreon from my pokemon as my buddy. This action fixed the problem completely. Hope this helps others, thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Alex, not only have you made my day but you have cured my long-lasting, crippling depression by enabling me to play Pokemon go again. You are a saviour and a saint and i wish nothing but the best for you and your family for the rest of your days.
      Much love, Lachlan

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