Pokemon Go Latest Datamine Reveals GO Mega Bracelets

Originally added in Pokemon X and Y, Mega Evolution is finally coming to our favorite game. This kind of evolution started in the Kalos region, a region that is yet to be released in the game, so it is interesting to see how this will be executed.

Announced in a Wednesday stream from The Pokemon Company, Mega Evolution is indeed coming to Pokemon GO. It seems like we will be getting new GO Mega clothing too, but this one was found in the game code. It is not active yet, but since it is embedded in the code, we are more than sure that Mega Evolution is around the corner.

In a leak by PokeMiners, they found bracelets that will have four different colors. They are called GO Mega Bracelet, Team Mystic GO Mega Bracelet, Team Valor GO Mega Bracelet, and also Team Instinct GO Mega Bracelet.

Here are the codes that were discovered by the PokeMiners:

RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_gloves_megabangle_00_bundle_icon TEXT: GO Mega Bracelet
RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_gloves_megabangleblue_00_bundle_icon TEXT: Team Mystic GO Mega Bracelet
RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_gloves_megabanglered_00_bundle_icon TEXT: Team Valor GO Mega Bracelet
RESOURCE ID: avatar_f_gloves_megabangleyellow_00_bundle_icon TEXT: Team Instinct GO Mega Bracelet

The sole purpose of a Mega Evolution is to make Pokemon that are already strong, even stronger. We do not know yet which Pokemon are in the list for a Mega Evolution, which ones will need a special item to get Mega Evolution because, in the mainline games, this type of evolution is temporary.

Our guess is that you will need some type of stone, but we will see. For any further updates on this, keep on checking our website.

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