Retailer Leaked Prince of Persia Remake

Ubisoft may be silent in their steps, but retailers can sometimes be fierce opposition. Very rarely, you can share a secret that will remain intact for a more extended period. The long-forgotten Prince of Persia franchise may be arriving. Previously, this was somewhat confirmed by a domain update, and with today’s news, the topic has become even more intriguing.

Prince of Persia was a journey filled with surprising ingredients, including puzzles that were quite challenging. I could only imagine what could be done within the new title. If a comeback is close, which most likely is, what would it be? Also, there was a rumor on ResetEra stating that Sands of Time rework is in the works, which may be connected to this listing.

Today, a new one struck both for Nintendo Switch hand PS4. You can find some of the listings made by MAX before their removal.

The listings inspire a November 2020 release date, so we’ll have to wait until then and see Ubisoft’s response.

David Goodwin

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