Retailer Leaks the Arrival of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers

It appears that UK Game Retailers has shushed something about Spider-Man and its arrival in Marvel’s Avengers. What we know so far is that PlayStation users will receive that extra content and will have the ability to play the childhood hero, Spiderman, making it PS exclusive.

What else we know is that Spider-Man will be somewhat different than what we know him as in the MCU (Marvel Cinema Universe). It is supposed to have a different approach, including new abilities that will be unique to the game. However, the frustration remains the same.

While many hoped for a surprise, the arrival of Spider-Man has probably been leaked, as per a UK retailer, GAME, who has sent messages to its subscribers notifying the appearance of the upcoming character. The message has been transmitted shortly before the Beta period, which occurred during the weekend, encouraging players to pre-order the game and be ready for the new Spider-Man.

According to the email contents (via Gamerant):

PlayStation is the only place to play as Spider-Man when he swings into Marvel’s Avengers next March.

So far, there is not a single official confirmation of when the character will be playable. Nevertheless, changing anything to satisfy the ones that are against the arrival of Spider-Man as an exclusive character wouldn’t be a pleasant thing. It’s the way of the road, as many would say.

Marvel’s Avengers releases on September 4th for all platforms, later becoming available on both next-gen consoles, Xbox Series X, and PS5.

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