The Last Campfire Is Out Today!

From the devs behind No Man’s Sky, comes their newest release, The Last Campfire. It’s out today for Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Apple Arcade. The Last Campfire is much more different than No Man’s Sky. Instead of exploring the Galaxy, you get to play as a small little creature known as the lost ember, solving puzzles and exploring a cute mystical world. The lost ember is trapped inside a confusing place and he’ll take on an adventure filled with exploration, helping spirits, and puzzles!

It’ll be a game that will definitely play with everyone’s heartstrings. However, we hope this game delivers and that Hello Games haven’t made any fake promises like the last time with No Man’s Sky.

Here’s the launch trailer that they released to celebrate the release of the Indie Game.

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Luka Midoski

Luka Midoski is the latest addition to FGR's team, with vast knowledge in the MOBA genre. He loves multiplayer online battle arenas as he believes they have the right match time to organize your day. Most of the time, he founds himself trapped in the world of Smite, but sometimes he wants to dip into World of Warcraft too.

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