TOP 3 Current SMITE Support Gods!

With the addition and changes to items like Ring of Hecate, Spear of the Magus, Serrated Edge, Heartseeker, and many more, tanks are probably in their worst state ever. Uniquely, in Solo Lane, where almost every single god can be viable. But, in the Support role, there are still Tanks that can make a difference and win you the game. These are the Gods you should be playing in Support this Split:

3. KHEPRI, The Dawnbringer

Khepri has always been one of the best supports in the game. His very helpful passive, his good early pressure, and his ultimate (which can revive other players and Khepri himself) have proven to be extremely good in this meta. A lot of the more damaging supports like Ares, Ymir, Xing Tian, etc. can’t withstand the auto-attack junglers and the new penetration items as well as Khepri, who has a lot more to offer than just CC and damage. The Dawnbringer is overall easy to play, except for timing his ultimate on an ally, which can be a bit more difficult for newer players. Khepri is good against more aggressive comps, thanks to his silence, root, and revive, but he gets countered by executions, which can completely ignore the effect of his ultimate.

2. HORUS, The Rightful Heir

Horus has proven to be one of the best supports in higher ranked games and the SMITE Pro League. He has a knock-up, a slow, a root, a heal, and an ultimate which can transport an entire team from one place to another, that also knocks upon landing. Horus is very mobile for Support, great for engaging, and one of the best gods for securing objectives. With excellent team communication, Horus can be devastating to the enemy team. The Rightful Heir is easy to learn but hard to master. Horus is good against most comps in SMITE, and he can easily escape if he is caught off position. However, he can still get countered by slows and stuns, and most importantly, anti-heal.

1. CTHULHU, The Great Dreamer

Without a doubt, Cthulhu takes the top spot as the best Support right now. With one of the highest pick/ban rates in the entire game, Cthulhu is also regarded as one of the best Gods in SMITE, who, at the same time, is one of the best Solo Laners. Cthulhu’s significant damage for a Guardian, his root, his fears, and his overpowered ultimate have made him the top Support right now and for a few more patches in the future. In his ultimate, which itself is one of the best ultimates in the game, Cthulhu transforms into a bigger version of himself, giving him new abilities, a heal, a fear, and a knock-up upon casting. This ultimate also increases Cthulhu’s max health, making him undefeatable in team fights and allowing him to do more damage than the ADC, Midlaner, and Jungler! The Great Dreamer is easy to play, his abilities are natural to land, and he is dominant against most comps while having very few counters at the same time.

Do you agree with this list? We hoped it helped you all who are trying to learn the Support role in SMITE!

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