Total War: Three Kingdoms new Expansion Coming September

Relive the Era of the Three Chinese Dynasties with Total War: Three Kingdoms’ new expansion, The Furious Wild. The Furious Wild is set in the southern rainforests of China, adding four new factions and an extension to the map. This expansion will launch this year, September 3.

The Furious Wild will include:

  • New Leaders for the four factions: Meng Huo, King Mulu, Lady Zhurong and King Shamole
  • A new culture, the Nanman
  • 25+ unique units including exciting and formidable animal units like tigers and elephants
  • Expanded map showcasing the lush but deadly rainforests of southern China
  • New tech tree and new faction mechanics
  • Unique missions and narrative events based around the Nanman culture
  • It will be playable in 190 and 194 dates

A free update will also come out alongside The Furious Wild, and that will add new Han Warlord Shi Xie, flame-firing Juggernaut artillery, and Gate Battles.

The Furious Wild will cost £14.99, but the pre-purchase before launch costs £13.49.

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