WB Games Montreal announced “Gotham Knights”

Who's not excited for a new Batman video game?

It seems that a new Batman game is on the rise, property of WB Games Montreal. The new game that was announced bears the name Gotham Knights, and it’s set to release in 2021 on all platforms, including the next-gen consoles. Those would be PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

The announcement was opened with a World Premiere Trailer, which was later followed by a gameplay walkthrough, diving deeper into its narrative and showcasing a solid amount of exciting gameplay mechanics. Gotham’s under new danger has a strong impact on the weather, which may lead to huge losses.

In Gotham Knights, players won’t be pushed to follow any linear gameplay experience; instead, they will forge their own path. What’s more exciting is that they won’t even need to battle the horizon by themselves. Instead, they can settle a co-op session and experience the world with friends.

What seems to be a fully modernized and refined gameplay experience unlike any other previous Batman games, with quite demanding teamplay requirements. Below you can find the full official gameplay walkthrough.


The Arkham series was in the hands of Rocksteady, while Montreal picked up the action later. According to the footage showcased, the development team has already managed to transform it into a more appealing one.

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