Arena Shooter Dinky Dungeon coming to Steam on December 15

NAISU the independent game developer announces the release of a weirder arena shooter Dinky Dungeon on Steam on December 15, 2020.

Here is a direct overview of NAISU.

Dinky Dungeon is a weird absurd arena shooter game with a charmingly ugly style coming soon to PC on December, 15th 2020. There will be 17 levels with various enemies, character progression, weapons, quests, and boss fights.

Be sure to check it out on and wishlist it on Steam!


Slave Slavkovski

Hello, my fellow gamers my name is Slave, and here is my boring BIO. My favorite games of all time are Skyrim, Witcher 3, and Spore. Pretty dull I know, but hey I also play some online ones where my hardcore site comes out like for example VALORANT. Oh yeah and to add to that hardcore side, I have also destroyed a mouse, a keyboard holder, and my mental health from gaming. So in short I am crazily in love with gaming!

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