BlizzCon Online announced for February 2021

Blizzard’s annual event, BlizzCon, faced cancelation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the company hasn’t given up on its annual celebration and has new plans to host the event digitally in the coming 2021, on February 19th. A digital version of the event wouldn’t be as close to what BlizzCon usually promotes the strongest, and that would be building new friendships before everything else.

The event is scheduled to include a bountiful list of activities, among which there will be a contest for artists, including the very renowned cosplay competition just as in every other year. Furthermore, BlizzCon 2021 is estimated to hold a “digital storytelling contest” for individuals such as filmmakers.

If we go back into history, the previous BlizzCon event promised an upcoming Overwatch 2 title, bound to traverse the current-gen hero shooter into something more prominent, including Diablo 4, which is slowly but surely heading to its release deadzone. Hearing news regarding its development cycle would be perfect.

David Goodwin

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