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DayZ 1.09 Console Hotfix Gets rid of Server Crashes and Lousy Loot Delivery

With the release of DayZ patch 1.09, DayZ hit a couple of roadblocks, especially on consoles, messing up the loot tables and loot development. Luckily, Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new 1.09 Hotfix available on the consoles and counters the loot table issues entirely and addresses known bugs caused by the 1.09 update.

Now, with the latest 1.09 console hotfix, minor bugs and other various issues will get exterminated. Below you can find the complete list of patch notes for 1.09.153419.

1.09 Hotfix 1 – 1.09.153419 (Released 22.09.2021)


  • Fixed a server crash
  • Fixed a crash while loading into the main menu/server (caused by corrupted local cached character data)
  • Fixed a bug, allowing the player to drag full stacks of stones by using the combined area in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue resulting in unmounted but attached barbed wire giving a damage
  • Fixed an issue causing weapons to become stuck when dropped from an unconscious player during reloading
  • Fixed a bug preventing pulling dead players from the Olga in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue causing items sometimes to get stuck after swapping with a dead player’s inventory
  • Fixed an issue blocking base building close to other base building objects
  • Fixed an issue preventing the collision of tent doors/walls from updating until the next server restart


  • Placement of base building objects was made less restrictive (reducing gaps in between)
  • The Revolver reload should be more responsive now
  • Increased the durability of the IJ-70 pistol

By the way, I have to say that I love the new Desert Eagle and the Revolver, and if you haven’t tried them at all, or haven’t had an opportunity to use them against a real target, then you’re missing a lot.

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