A More Expensive Xbox Live Gold 12-Month Subscription Returns to the Store

Shortly after, Microsoft decided to cut off the yearly Xbox Live subscription from the store. The reason was unknown, with Microsoft remaining silent regarding its removal. But, today, Microsoft has decided to reinvent the 12-month subscription to the store.

At first, it was speculated that it’s a move to counter Sony’s promotions, for now, to return to some regions in Latin America. The 12-month subscription cost also noticed a spike of around 33% more than what it used to be, which is caused probably because of region balancing.

In a note sent to Brazilian outlet Tecnoblog, Microsoft has stated the following:

We are continuously evaluating our business and it has been several years since we adjusted the prices of our services in Latin America. We also occasionally review prices in a given market to ensure that products and services are priced correctly, including reflecting changes in market conditions.

Today, we announce updated prices for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Live Gold. We strive to offer players options and will continue to add value to our services and subscriptions.

David Goodwin

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