Fall Guys will get “BIG YEETUS” to shake things up

Mediatonic has announced that they’ve been working on something new to shake things up in Fall Guys. So far, some game modes and their monotony are becoming dull, and as developers, Mediatonic senses that changes are somewhat imminent. As a surprise, the developer has announced that it’s working on a new mega sledgehammer destined to increase the entertainment levels in some of the already present game modes.

This time, it’s a word about a rotating sledgehammer similar to the ones in the tail games. It is destined to join the racing games in Fall Guys. This will allow players to recover if they’re in a considerable loss or falling behind. It is unknown if the sledgehammer’s spawn would remain the same (center), or will be randomly generated on the sides as well.

The BIG YEETUS was first posted on the game’s official Twitter Profile, with footage of the BIG YEETUS. Below you can find the “BIG YEETUS” in action.

This zany experience has somewhat become a hobby for most of the players. Entertainment-wise is probably the best game out there that has the power to free your mind and relax you thoroughly.

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