First look at Gaul in Civilization 6 – Trailer

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6’s upcoming DLC Gaul and Byzantium will introduce us to two new factions. Byzantium and its leader were revealed earlier, you can read more here, while it took a few more days for Gaul. The DLC is going to release September 24th.

The leader for Gaul is going to be Ambiorix, prince of the Eburones, which were located in modern Belgium. Ambiorix is famous for his stand against Caesar’s armies after he was able to ambush one of his legions and defeat them. He also joined Catavolcus’ uprising, who was a leader of another part of Belgium, winter 54 BC. However, Rome got their revenge, who continued with campaigns against the Eburones, defeating them and killing them off.

The Gauls’ civilization ability is Hallstatt Culture, which makes Mines provide a little adjacency bonus for all districts, grant extra Culture and Culture Bomb unowned surrounding tiles when built, at the cost of specialty districts not gaining adjacency bonuses from other districts and preventing them from being built next to the City Center. Their unique unit is the Gaesatae (which replaces the Warrior), and their unique district is the Oppidum (which replaces the Industrial Zone).


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