Listing for Super Mario Odyssey Pro Controller Bundle Appears at Walmart

Walmart has put out a rather peculiar bundle for sale on their store, and it ties in well together with the whole Super Mario 35th anniversary celebration. The bundle is a pre-order of $99.99 and it consists of a black Pro Controller and a digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey.

And you are in quite the profit with the purchase of this being that Super Mario Odyssey is about $59.99 and the Switch Pro Controller’s normal price is $69.99. So if you add up everything you are on a $29.99 profit, pretty solid.

Super Mario Odyssey is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch, as is the standard Pro Controller. The Walmart product listing says that people should be shipping out to people by September 10, 2020, in North America.

Slave Slavkovski

Hello, my fellow gamers my name is Slave, and here is my boring BIO. My favorite games of all time are Skyrim, Witcher 3, and Spore. Pretty dull I know, but hey I also play some online ones where my hardcore site comes out like for example VALORANT. Oh yeah and to add to that hardcore side, I have also destroyed a mouse, a keyboard holder, and my mental health from gaming. So in short I am crazily in love with gaming!

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