No Place for Bravery, a New Action-RPG, Demo Available for a Limited Time

There is a new hardcore action-RPG, No Place for Bravery, in which you search for your child in a war-torn world, try the game out now for free with the demo on Steam as part of PAX Online.

Explore the world of Dewr as a former soldier, Thorn, looking for his daughter, Leaf, after he had learned she may be alive. Search for your daughter in this war-devastated world with terrifying enemies and white-knuckle combat where every move counts, and one small mishap may cost you your life.

If you are interested in what you read check the game out on their Steam page before PAX Online comes to a close on Sept. 20.

Slave Slavkovski

Hello, my fellow gamers my name is Slave, and here is my boring BIO. My favorite games of all time are Skyrim, Witcher 3, and Spore. Pretty dull I know, but hey I also play some online ones where my hardcore site comes out like for example VALORANT. Oh yeah and to add to that hardcore side, I have also destroyed a mouse, a keyboard holder, and my mental health from gaming. So in short I am crazily in love with gaming!

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